Tuesday, September 23, 2008

May the Force Be With You, and You, and You!

Since we just moved into a new neighborhood I decided to let Britton have a friend birthday party so he could get to know some of the locals. A couple of weeks ago an older neighbor (5 yr old) that Britt loves to play with, came over. I asked if he liked Power Rangers since Britton has been obsessed for over a year and assumes everyone else is too. He said "no, I'm over that". I followed up with "Well, what do you like?" He said "I am sooooo in to Indy(Indiana Jones) and Star Wars" in an cool older kid voice. And so it began. From that time on Britt has asked everyday..."Mom, tell me all about Star Wars". We rented a video and Rob has repeated a condensed version of the story highlighting the main characters and that's all it took. When I asked what kind of birthday he wanted, he chose Star Wars instead of power rangers or pirates. So we ran with it and it turned out pretty fun. My mom made Jedi vests for each of the kids (thanks mom) and Rob assembled an obstacle course.

The kids came and learned to be Jedi's by making their own lightsabers and try to keep a balloon in the air
Then it was off to try their skills at the obstacle course

Musical Chairs- Star Wars style

Destroy the Deathstar

Cake and Ice Cream and presentsAfter the kids left then it was time for the family to arrive (mostly Rob's side). I need all my sibs to move back to Utah so the Barlow's can make a better showing. We had a great time eating, watching the adults get stuck in the obstacles and opening presents. I will post those pictures later. By the end of the day he was a very tired, spoiled, happy 4 year old (who tells us he now has 4 year old muscles that are much bigger than 3 year old muscles). Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate with us. Happy Birthday Britt- We love you!!!


TravandNat said...

Looks like a fun time! You are so creative, Angel! Did you make that cake? I'm impressed by the whole thing! Happy Birthday, Britt!

Ginny said...

K, so I heard all sorts of versions of what went on that day, but the pictures help clear up a few of the four-year-old (female) versions of the festivites. Thanks for including Nicole, she had a blast!

Suz said...

FUN FUN party! Thanks for ommiting the photos of the adults. There are some visuals we just do not need to share!

Meghan said...

you are the best, crazy, ambitious mama. it was the best party ever. thanks for introducing ry to star wars. really. thanks a lot. abd brit was the sweetest bd boy - thank you, i LOVE it!

Danielle&Lincoln said...

hey angel i haven't look at your personal blog in awhile, and I am so happy to see you back and going. But I don't know if you have noticed that I made mine privite so if you could email me your email i would love to add you to my list! If you don't have my email which i think you do ask Lacie. I know she has it and she told me that you went back to work. WOW you are an AMAZING woman.