Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First day of preschool

We have had an eventful week. Britton started pre-school last Wednesday and loved it. I dropped him off and he just ran in and sat down at the table and said "Look it's just my size". He didn't want me to stay, he just wanted to get on with school. Afterwards we went to McDonald's for lunch and while trying to get into the play land his hand was smashed in the hinge side of the a heavy glass door. It immediately swelled and he was inconsolable so we packed up and went to Instacare for an X-ray. Luckily, bones are still soft at the age of 2, so there weren't any broken bones. The swelling went down after a couple hours and he was only left with a bruise. He wants to take the X-ray for show and tell.

Friday, we went to see Dr. Lam and everyone got shots. Britt didn't cry but he said that "Charlie wasn't very brave" because he cried a lot. Charlie weighs 14 lbs and Britt is 34lbs. and 37 inches. Britt is in the 75th percentile and Charlie has fallen to the 50th. Dr. Lam said to start solids so Charlie will probably bulk back up.

Saturday was the first U of U game. Rob took the boys to tailgate and play with the other lil' Ute fans. Great food, good friends... great day. We can't wait to go again next Saturday and maybe the game will turn out better.