Thursday, September 18, 2008

Britt's Special Day

Britton has been sick since last Saturday night. Energy is zapped, nose is a faucet and voice is hoarse from coughing through the night but despite feeling miserable he has turned into a polite little boy. Saying "thank you" and "please" on the first try, patiently waiting for me while I'm on the phone, doing what I say. I hope it is a permanent side effect of the cold bug he's carrying around.

Britt had a "Special Day" today at preschool. That's what they call it when it's not quite your birthday but close enough. They ask the parent to come to class and spotlight them.

He woke up earlier than normal (sad for me because Charlie actually slept in for once) and wanted to do all his jobs right away so he could go for his special day. I was excited for him too. I came to preschool at the end of class with my bag of props. I talked about everything he loves (power rangers, making people laugh, rhyming, books, soft blankets, friends) along with what he says his "favorites" are:
color: green (since he could talk)
song: Yankee Doodle
book: any and all of them
food: he says corn, but I think it's tomatoes or ham
ice cream: vanilla
sport: soccer
playmates: cousins
I also told them what a great big brother he is, so tender, helpful and accepting. I think he was those things before Charlie got sick but I notice them more now.

I loved talking about how special he is and he just ate it up. He stood next to me as I talked to 19 of his "friends"and smiled from ear to ear. He told them a couple jokes(see below), and some rhymes he made up and was glowing from the attention. I realized I don't do this near enough. I tell him I love him all the time but not what I love about him. I will try to do better...

The only request Britt made was that I tell his friends about how he scored a goal in his soccer game and to show them his jersey.

Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide

Knock, Knock.
Whose there?
Gorrilla who?
Gorrila me a hamburger, I'm hungry.


Meghan said...

i am sad that he's been sick - perhaps a birthday sick bug? but i do hope the politeness sticks... ry and i have been working on the "first try" for several days now.

for the record, i think it's ham, his yankee doodle is the best ever, and i've never met a kid who could be so steadfast with one favorite color. i love his smile and giggle, and even when he gets a little mischevious.
and i think you are - have always been -amazing at giving him one on one attention and praise. he's a lucky boy to have the little family he does.

Meghan said...

ps. the knock knock joke is hysterical. has grandpa brian been teaching him those jokes?

Angel said...

Max gave him a joke book for his birthday last year so that's where he gets most of his material but he also makes weird jokes up.

TravandNat said...


You are a great momma! Britt and Charlie are lucky to have you! You're lucky to have them too! They are such sweeties! I'm so glad that Britt is loving pre-school and got to have his special day!

Shani said...

Two things that I enjoy. One: You are now updating your personal blog. Yahoo. Two: Britton's favorite things are some of Rob's worst. Mainly tomatoes and soccer. I remember the first time her told me a knock knock joke. He forgot the punchline and had to ask you what it was. And still giggled uncontrollably. I love him!

whitney said...

I'm glad I checked over here. I agree, sometimes I fail to just dote on one kid at a time. Britt is the best.

Ginny said...

too cute!!! i laughed at the jokes (picturing britt sharing them). dave didn't think i was as funny in my presentation. must be the joke-teller that makes the jokes!!

Forbes Clan of Five said...

That is soo sweet. I remember those days. Mine are 11, 8, and 3 months. I would love to do lunch and catch up on old and new times. Hope all is well. Your always in my prayers.

love ya,
Amber Forbes