Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is Rob's very favorite place to be... asleep with Coop on his chest. Charlie is such a different baby than Britt was. Britton would never snuggle with us and couldn't fall asleep unless he was by himself. Don't get me wrong he has always been a great sleeper. We would simply wrap him in a blanket and then he would close his eyes and fall asleep happy and content. He just needs his space. Our new "bundle of joy" has wanted a little more cuddling and Rob has been more than happy to accomodate.

This was the first nap together in the hospital. The night before Charlie was born we both stayed up all night and painted/cleaned one of our rental properties so some people could move in. We also started construction on our new house that week., so while I recovered in the hospital Rob tried to organize the house situation. When he came to the hospital he was usually very tired and so this is how they bonded in the early hours. Luckily we both have great family that helped not only with painting/cleaning but made Britt feel special too.

This is my little comedian. Everytime I say smile at the camera this is what I get. He loves to make people laugh and is such a happy kid. He loves tractors and is standing on the scooper of a huge Backhoe (?). He could tell you the exact name of the tractor but I still get confused. Notice he had his Bob-the-Builder hat on and the Andre jersey that was a gift from his favorite Jazz fan Tipp.

You can't tell in this picture but Charlie's hair has one spike in the back. He has a tuft of hair that reminds me of Alfalfa on the little rascals. This day we were getting ready and spiked Britt's hair and he wanted Coop to get his hair spiked too. With the small amount of gel we created a single horn on the back of his head. Britt loves have Charlie copy whatever he does so he was so happy to both have spiked hair. Charlie isn't sure how he likes it.

October Post

Well it's been a month since I last posted. I knew it would be sporatic. However, I did add a lot of pictures to make up for it. Things have been more of the same. Rob is in town this week and has been able to work on the house a little more. Meghan and I picked out stucco/rock colors yesterday and they should get started on the exterior next week. Britton and Charlie are doing great. Charlie can roll over finally but is still more content to just lay on his back and smile at anyone that will look at him, including the dogs. He is getting more skilled with his hands and loves to chew on things. Britton has really liked the Halloween season this year. He helped his grandpa grow 5 big pumpkins in the garden and we carved on last week. He loved making it glow with the candle. He is so excited to be a Power Ranger and "power up" to fight mode.