Thursday, January 31, 2008

Primary Children's ICU

My sweet little Charlie has been admitted to PCICU with bacterial menengitis. He is strong but it's going to be a difficult fight. Please link to Charlie's post for new updates at

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Year in Review- Better Late than never!

I know I'm a little late with posting but if you know me I'm usually a little late to most things. I was reminiscing about 2007 and thought of all the fun things we did that I never put on the blog. Some of the pictures are in the wrong month but they were too cute to leave out.

Big things that happened in 2007...
10 year anniversary- (I still love you Rob after all this time)
Charlie Cooper born
Building new house
Britt started school

2008 will bring a lot of changes to our little family- two boys, new house, neighborhood etc.

Things I'm looking forward to in 2008...
Summertime- (I hate being cold)
Charlie crawling, walking, saying "mama" -so many first
Watching Britt make friends (although Rob wants to remain a recluse as long as possible)
Moving in and getting to spend more time with Rob
Cruise/Disneyland in February

Below is our picture year in review- Enjoy...


Meeting Santa

All I want for Christmas is two front teeth- wait that's all I have

Hangin' with Dad

The Nativity

Christmas Chaos

Britt pretended to be a "Randall the bow-legged cowboy" for hours.


Pattycake, Pattycake, Bakers Man...

Sawdust is just like a winter sandbox

This little piggy went to market...

At Grandma's surprise birthday party. Shh don't tell

Utah vs. BYU

2 Biggest Cougar Fans- Rob and his mom.

Best Friends all year- except the 3rd Saturday in November


Happy Halloween- Shadow Power Ranger and Monkey

Pumkin Contest

Charlie's Blessing Picture- (Should have been in July but I forgot)


First trip to Lagoon- Gotta do the boats

Britt and I are riding Puff the Magic Dragon- RyRy and Ty are behind us. Rides make Rob sick so he opted to hold Charlie.

Utah State Fair- My uncle Dennis brought his goat to the fair to show. Despite much coaxing neither of the boys wanted to look at the goats this close. Forget about touching it.

Britt riding the GREEN lightning McQueen


Black Frosting, my favorite!

August- 2007

Max, Hope and Britt. Barlow Family Reunion- This year we went to our cabin in StrawberryReservoir. We went 4 wheeling, hiking, deer watching and just hung out together. It was a fast trip but a great time.

Smiles all around

Britt loves to be grandpa's little helper. He goes out to water the garden everyday and usually comes back covered in mud and happy as can be. He even grew his own "Big Max" pumkin this year.


Bear Lake- Christensen Family Reunion

Blowing bubbles

Spidey Britty

Love the Big Bertha Tube

No these aren't Britt's enormous feet. They belong to Rob

The goods from the Farmington Parade. He's like his mom- He loves parades

Farmington Parade

June 2007

Cherry Hill's Lazy River with Daddy

Britt hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa

Britt loves when his cousin Max comes up from Arizona to visit.

RyRy and Britt listening very intently to the policeman talk about stranger danger during a playdate.

Snug as two bugs in a rug

May 2007

We welcomed Charlie Cooper to our family on May 3rd.

Nash (MAX) and Kirilenko (BRITTON) both stopped by the hospital to meet the little man.

Britt always wants to be where ever Cooper is and tells him "It's OK, I'm right here"

April 2007

We spent Easter at Barlow's St George Condo. Since there is a lot of construction going on Britt always wanted us to stop so he could see the tractors.

Rob and Britt at Fiest Fun shooting water at Ryan and Meg.

Making faces at the camera in their Easter outfits.