Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Attempt

So I am told this is the easy way to keep in touch with friends and family so I'm going to attempt it. I can't promise consistant updates but I will try.

Recently our family has been pretty busy. Rob has been working out of town a lot inspecting bridges and when he is home he is trying to get the new house framed so the sub-contractors can start their work. So even when he's not at work he is working so he's pretty tired. When he is out of town however he does manage to squeeze in some golf, fishing and Xbox.

Britton turns 3 in one month and is really excited to start preschool. He received a letter from his teacher Miss Lilian and he carried it around all day to show to anyone who would look at it. He loves to play power rangers, baseball and trucks. His imagination is always going. He also loves having a little brother that he can say "coochie, coochie, coo" and make him laugh. He still calls him "Jack, Jack" from the movie Incredibles. I guess that nickname will always stick.

Charlie Cooper is almost 4 months old now and is doing much better now that his stomach has "matured". He will smile at anyone who smiles and talks to him. He sleeps 8-9 hours most nights so I can't complain. The hair he was born with is a little more red than before but the underneath looks blond. It will be fun to watch him change in the next couple of months to see if he ends up a red-head like his cousin Max or a toe-head like his Daddy. He is doing a lot of cooing and Britton likes to interpret by saying "Jack, Jack said he wants me to have another cookie" or "Jack, Jack said he likes it when I jump on the bed and bounce him"

As for me, I am loving being a mother of two boys. I am surrounded. I still work at the hospital doing neurological testing but recently I've been doing more MS research. I work M-Th and love to spend Friday with my boys even if it is spend running errands for the house. The house has been pretty slow going but it gives me more time to think about the design. We are hoping to be in around the first of the year. I don't really care how long it takes because it's happening!!!

Well, I'm going to try to figure out how to add pictures to this blog. Thanks for visiting.

Well I will try to figure out how to add pictures so this looks more professional.