Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Program

Britt had a Halloween Program today at Preschool. I didn't even know they were learning any Halloween songs until yesterday when he started singing one in the car. (That's boys for ya.) They sang for 20 minutes with pictures and hand actions. Britt must be too cool for actions but you can see the two cute girls next to him doing them.

These videos are mostly posted for Rob since he had to stay in Idaho due to a bridge failure. They may be a little painful for the rest of you to watch. Britt is even yawning- but I was beaming like every other parent/grandparent.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Thrills

I know some people have a problem with Halloween (celebrating scariness) but I love all holidays. You could have a parade for garbage day and I would be there. I have to hold back a little because Rob hates crowds (so we don''t go to everything I dream up, but I try). Britton has been really fun this year with anticipating events which makes them even more enjoyable for me. It's so fun to watch things through his excited eyes. Here are some things we have done this month for Halloween.

Britt with Noah and then with his Primary Teacher

Bridger(Storm Trooper) and Coleman(Indy) showed Britt the ropes
Witches @ Gardner Village
Over UEA weekend we head to see the witches. We wandered around, posed for pictures, ate lunch and enjoyed the wonderful weather. Even though we went at the busiest time of day/weekend we all had a fun time.

Sundaes on Wednesday with Grandpa
My dad stopped by our house one afternoon with all the fixins for Sundaes to make with Britt. Britt has been talking about it ever since.

Halloween Boo at Thanksgiving Point and Cabella's
We headed south last Friday to enjoy the nice weather and see the animals at the barn. We fed the live animals, rode the horses, enjoyed a wagon ride and then headed to Cabella's to see the stuffed animals.

Roxey and Allie had 3 dance students make the Odyssey Thriller Youth cast. So we went to see them perform. We had a great time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam!

Britt had his first Primary program last week in our new ward. He learned the songs fairly quickly considering we spent Jan-May going to church at the hospital so he only has been attending Primary for 5 months. His favorite song that they sang in the program was "I love to see the temple". Luckily, he wasn't shy about giving his part in the microphone "Jesus Christ lives today". Other than annoying the older boy that sat in front of him in between songs he did a great job. I love his monotone voice and the pronunciation of "spirit".The Primary Program has always been one of my favorite sacrament meeting even before I had kids of my own.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We've ruined him already...

The Ute Fans- Froggy Frog, Chumple Bumple, Hoppity and Hamburger

BYU fans(Clockwise)- Mickey, Britt, Frog-Frog, Teddy & Fuzz

Everyone knows that Rob and I cheer for different teams but this year Britt is old enough to feel the tension. Britt is a Ute fan when he is with me but then quickly changes to a BYU fan when Rob is home. A week ago I reassured him the I would still love him even if he was a BYU fan but Rob has yet to make such an offer. Since that day, he has started testing that statement and leaning more blue. So today instead of assigning his stuffed animals personalities he assigns them football allegiances. This is a ute fan, this is a BYU fan...Man is he going to need therapy when he gets older.