Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Program

Britt had a Halloween Program today at Preschool. I didn't even know they were learning any Halloween songs until yesterday when he started singing one in the car. (That's boys for ya.) They sang for 20 minutes with pictures and hand actions. Britt must be too cool for actions but you can see the two cute girls next to him doing them.

These videos are mostly posted for Rob since he had to stay in Idaho due to a bridge failure. They may be a little painful for the rest of you to watch. Britt is even yawning- but I was beaming like every other parent/grandparent.


Suz said...

Astronauts are so cool they don't need actions.

Raabarino said...

Thanks sweetie, loved the videos and our kid is a dork. Hope you read this, i've got no cell service but the internet works, go figure. And umm... i'm in Wyoming. The only place you could be and actually wish you were in Idaho.

Allred party of five said...

Hi angel, I just noticed you have been updating your blog. I love you and your family. I hope all is well. I'll be checking in again:)Julie

Photo By Emilie said...

Hi Angel, thanks so much for entering my little contest!! It would be so fun if you won. I just love Danielle, and would love to meet you & your darling boys!! Best of luck!!