Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For My Dad


Britt is learning about nursery rhymes at preschool. I guess I never put much thought into teaching these to him and I'm not much of a musical person. I leave the music and the toilet aiming to his father. So don't blame him... I blame myself, mostly.

PS- Britt was painting a picture for his Dad's birthday and he tend to make a mess. So the rule is that he paints without clothes on- please look past the nakedness.


Paige said...

Very cute. I don't know all those nursery rhymes either. I need to study up on them.

Meghan said...

oh i am laughing! i love him. and his Roo-uls. i love that mary's lamb had a face as white as snow. his perfect pitch is so impressive. I love it. it truly is a treat. i hope he keeps it up!

Suz said...

Listening to this made we wonder if you might have more than one deaf kiddo. He also might be related to Matt.

Don't worry he doesn't know his ryhmes. The kid impresses me with his reading prowess so he can just read them!

Ginny said...

oh suz, you make me laugh! too funny!! but to some of us it didn't sound too different than it normally does!

Forbes Clan of Five said...

He is so stinkin cute. Have a Merry Christmas!